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A Guide to Boudoir Photography.



The art of photography has gone through a lot of transition over the years with new trends such as boudoir photography becoming more and more popular. Boudoir photography is a unique kind of photography that features intimate and erotic images of its subjects In usually a private environment. The images taken are intended for the for the enjoyment of the subject or their intimate partners .This kind of photography is not as similar as glamour and nude art.The latter two are more suggestive and not that much explicit towards sexuality and nudity.

Boudoir photography features people who are not regular models and therefore you will not find a lot of work out there that has been done by them. In fact the images shot are within their control and in some cases they have copy right protection over their work. Over time women have embraced boudoir photography and they will comfortably have their own images made into gifts for their partners or brides to their grooms. Boudoir Glamour Photography through gifts has been used to stimulate romance and sensuality especially for people who are in a long term relationship.

This kind of erotic couples photography has been seen in many lights, some partake in it for the enjoyment and some will engage in it for the sole reason of appearing attractive or for pleasure. Sexualized female art has been in existence from as early as the 1840.Erotic photography on the other hand has been in existence from the 19th century. A lot of things have to be done before a boudoir shoot, for one preparations need to be worked on days before, trust has to be built between the client and the photographer and this calls for the two parties to get to know each other well. Failure to this it is bound to be a difficult experience, make no mistake , the intimate nature of the photography can be quite intimidating.

If the client is new to the art or if they are doing it for the first time, instances may come where they freeze in front of the lens because some may be anxious to perform .It is the responsibility of a professional photographer to guide the client on what to do and how to pose all through the shoot . This aids for the client to transition smoothly and feel comfortable throughout the shoot, there is no other way to arrive at the desired results. It would be wise to walk the client through of what goes on before the actual shoot so as to have any issues addressed otherwise they may come up during the shoot and well, make it not so successful.

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